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Not to lose your useful information more, gather them in this note-book.
You will find all under the hand: addresses, emails, Web addresses, login and passwords...

It is free

The menu bar is respectively made up of:
  • Delete the information
  • Modification of information, click then modify your information, then validate or cancel.
  • Addition of new information
  • Cancel the operation incur (addition or modification)
  • Validate the modification or the addition: save your information
  • The arrows make it possible to display each recording.

  • Name of the file:calepinsetup.exe (include setup et readme), version 2.0
    Size of the file:907 Kb
    Time of download:5 min. in 56 kbbs
    Configuration :Windows 98/mil/XP or NT/2000/XP, 16 Mb RAM, Disc 2Mb, graphics Board 640x480 pixels and 64000 colors minima.

    Click on the image to download
    Click here to download Download 001038 time since 2005/06/15

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