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A bit more of 303 000 species of plant within 30 000 trees and shrubs populate our planet. It is necessary to add at this number, the numerous subspecies and numerous cultivars. Beside these that are familiar to us, others strange, surprising, always wonderful; the nature, great creator, gives us a tremendous lesson of imagination in each of their innumerable children.

We have leaned on some, and on each step more decided to discover some others, and others again, ever wearied, always curious and admiring. The dendrology is the science of trees, we invite you to discover it. . .

Trees and Shrubs - Volume 1 - Angiosperms

This first volume processes angiosperm trees and shrubs (plants whose ovule is hidden, and that appears to the Jurassic). It constitutes a reference as for the student as for a large public.

The Ginkgo Biloba
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